The Vision.

Behind every great brand is a team of makers and doers, so that’s why we created a simplistic online shop which contains our ambitions and values to serve and give the best experience, description, transparency, and simplicity for customers to cherish with every visit.

Striving on our true vision to always meet the demands of our customers and offer more value for the love of the industry, which we’ve successfully done over the last 10 years, only keeps our narrative even sharper by displaying it to the masses.

The Motivation.

Motivation and persistency run hand-in-hand in this market, and knowing what the customers want and what they’re searching for makes our selections interesting in many ways alongside our customer base who’s constantly intrigued by more choices while constantly finding innovative ways to improve on selection and costs that utilizes savings for the customer while also providing instant customer service to complete the motivation of interest.

The Results.

When searching for certain comics, things can get frustrating at times alongside buying books with unknown damages, missing pieces, married parts that don’t belong, altered books with no description of work performed, and also restoration services on books not described before purchasing.

When you’re purchasing anything from us, especially our comics you’ll always see a very specific description of our comic books in full detail, whether they’re graded or raw, you can always purchase knowing what, when, where, why, and how before buying.

Overall the results speak for themselves once you understand the value of transparency and how much we give and the honesty to match, so shopping with us always produces repeat results of satisfaction.


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